Behavioral Obedience Class for small dogs over 6 months

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Since every dog is unique, training techniques should be
adapted to the needs of both the handler and the dog.

Small dogs benefit from training that is tailored to their needs

We offer special training classes for small dogs.

Small dogs tend to be very energetic. 
They do best in classes that utilize their energy and focus on
Obstacle Confidence, Communication Exercise & Impulse Control
































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Our Behavioral Obedience Course
is a Guidance Based training program.

All exercises are designed for the success of your dog.
We will only ask them to do things that they can do.

You will give your dog a command, then guide your dog
to the correct behavior and then praise them...
failure is not an option, punishment is not necessary.

All of our courses are built on our unique cross training methods. Exercises are divided into a variety of categories to help you build a strong relationship with your dog while they develop a broad base of life skills.


 Behavioral Obedience, a guidance based cross training program

  Obedience Commands   Behavioral Commands
  Leadership exercises   Directional Commands
  Confidence Building   Controlled freedom
  Impulse Control    

*     Solve unruly behaviors

*         Learn effective discipline techniques

*         Learn play training exercises

*         Obstacle confidence training

*         End play biting problems

*         Stop your dog from stealing things

*         Eliminate jumping on furniture & doors

*         Eliminate jumping on people

*         Understanding housebreaking problems

*         Eliminate chewing problems

*         Understanding separation anxiety

*         Address canine barking issues

*         Understand how the environmental
  affects your dog's behavior

*         Understand how dogs think & learn

*         Learn household behavioral management

Teach your dog to…    

 *         Walk nicely on a leash

*         Sit, Down, Stand and Stay on command

*         Wait & Leave-it on command

*      Greet people without jumping up


Obedience Commands: sit, down, stand,
sit-stay, down-stay, stay-stay
come when called,
walk nicely on a leash

Advanced Obedience Commands: long distance stays
long duration stays
sit, down or stand on recall
moving stand

Leadership Exercises: body handling, leave-it, wait, move

 Behavioral Commands: off, wait, quiet, leave-it. get busy

Directional Commands: Over, under, around, walk-on, back

Confidence Building Exercises: Communication exercises designed to increase your dogs trust in you while improving their self confidence.

Controlled Freedom Exercises: Specific movement exercises designed to teach your dog to follow your directions and stay connected to you even when they are distracted, aroused or excited.

Impulse Control A common cause of behavior problems in dogs is distraction. Environmental triggers cause dogs to shift their focus from you to the distraction.  Commands such as "leave-it" and "wait" help to improve a dogs attentiveness to their owner




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